About Me

Welcome To Eve’s World…

A blend of everything colorful enriched with beauty, fashion, cultures and innovation.

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years.

I have to say that fashion and cultures are my passions. I love traveling and I think this has enriched me and my life at different levels. It also contributed to enrich my artistry, and raise open minded, God fearing children.

Growing up, I had the opportunity of living in different countries, and this has developped my love of languages, food, and fashion.

No need to say that I love makeup artistry! I love both the idea of creating a complete new character out of a blank canvas and the idea of bringing ones best features out!

I am a creative director by heart. I guess working so many years with some great photographers and makeup artists really helped. These esxperiences really gave me the taste of getting many elements together to acheive a unique production.

I am an educador. I remember starting up as a MUA, in the caribbean it was very fun, in the states, it was hardcore. No one would help, and those teaching refused to guide. I did get to meet few great artist who took me under their wings and helped me to sharpen my skills.

Once I became more knowledgeable I vow to always help those who needed guidance.

You will find me planning several classes,  helping new ones to discover  themselves through makeup artistry and travels. Visit TheglobalMUAloft.com to learn more.

Stay in touch!

I will take you to see fashion and beauty through the eyes of the world!